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    • Crazy, crazy busy, then my son fell backwards ten feet onto concrete on his back Tuesday, then my daughters youth group got stranded in the middle of nowhere on side of interstate for hours 16 hrs away from home and get shuttled to the next town in a jail van…of course, they loved that! Teens!
      My son is doing miraculously better…Diagnosed with concussion, protruding disks at L3/L4, L4/L5, L5/S1! Traumatic fall. He’s already bruising too. 😦
      Mom is a medic, Knowing I’d be watching him very closely they sent him home. I didn’t sleep again till last night! Tuesday night, had to wake every hour and do mental check, and keep him medicated.

      All in all, I’m good! My nerve pain is better thanks to the Cymbalta and anti-inflammatory meds, muscle relaxer at night as needed. And….I have lost 15 lbs, which considering my last month is unbelievable and bordering miraculous.

      Say Hi to the crew! Miss you all! After deadlines thus month, well….yeah, I’m just gonna have to make time!!


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