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Freelance Editing—General

$60.00 Minimum (Novella/Short Stories) 

Substantive Editing:   .0040 – .0050/per word*

Copy Editing:              .0030 – .0040/per word*

Proofread Editing:      .0025 – .0035/per word*

*This is Max Average.  Adjustments and Discounts at the Editors Discretion. We want to meet the needs of our authors and clients at the best price possible while giving the BEST quality available.

To estimate what it will cost for your edit, use this rule of thumb…assuming you use the standard conventions for manuscript format (1″ margins, 25 double-spaced lines per page, indent first paragraph five spaces and a 12 point non-proportional font like Courier, though most publishers prefer Times New Roman), then a good rule of thumb is one page equals 250 words.

Facebook Release Day Party—

  • 1 day (1-3 hours)—organize and create to fit author specifications—$ 40.00
  • If additional promotion or multiple authors involved and prizes, may add additional—$ 10.00-$15.00 per hour, depending on additional time involved.  This would be at Ala Carte’s discretion and on a per event assessment.

Book Cover Reveal—

  • 1 day—as many blogs as available/sign up—$ 40.00
  • This includes contacting bloggers, creating HTML, promo material and sending to bloggers for posting.

Blog Tours—

Blog tours will generally be a mixture of excerpts, guest posts, promo posts and as many reviews as possible, however, reviews are never guaranteed, as we cannot promise that bloggers will do a review during your blog tour. It is our hope to engage as many bloggers as possible including a review or two.

We will promote with announcements on Twitter, Facebook, and our website throughout the tour.  We will also provide buy links for your book on Amazon to each of the bloggers for posting with the post to encourage sales. Anything you provide (your book info, excerpts, character profiles, bio, trailer, etc.) will be provided to the blog sites for use in the promotion of your book.  We will provide a document with and without HTML. We cannot guarantee that every blogger will use all information, but we will encourage them to use all that we provide.

Should a blogger show interest in doing a review, we will contact you regarding providing an electronic copy via Mobi, ePub or PDF for the blogger to read and review.

Blog Tours can include but not all inclusive of—

Book Review
Author Interview
Character Interview
Guest Post
Author Spotlight
Featured Series
Featured Book Spotlight

Schedule a Blog Tour—

Ala Carte Promotions is happy to assist you in promoting your work. In order to give you the best blog tour possible, we would appreciate 4-6 weeks’ notice prior to the release date. We have to give our host time to fit it in to their schedules.

Please note that we are not responsible for a blogger missing their tour post but we will work hard to fix it or find a replacement for you.

To aid in promoting your book, we will be the contact between you and the bloggers. Our goal is to make this as easy with as little stress as possible.

3-Day Blog Tour

  • 3 to 5 Stops—$20.00
  • We will encourage reviews but cannot guarantee that the bloggers will be able to do this. Remember, the goal for the tour is to get the word out about your fabulous work.

7-Day Blog Tour 

  • 6 to 9 Stops—$30.00
  • We will encourage reviews but cannot guarantee that the bloggers will be able to do this

 14-Day Blog Tour 

  •  10 to 15 Stops$40.00
  • We will encourage reviews but cannot guarantee that the bloggers will be able to do this.

Reviews Only Tour

  • 6-8 stops$65.00
  • This tour will be over an 8 week period of time (We will need 6-8 weeks to plan this as this tour takes longer to put together.) Not guaranteed, but we will work hard to achieve this goal.

**If you do not have your own media kit put together and we need to compose one, please add an additional $15.00 to the tour package price. Media Kits are recommended but not necessary.

Media Kit—a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of an author and book and is distributed to members of the media for promotional use such as Bloggers, Agents, etc . . .

Extra Days Added—If at any time we have more people sign up for your blog or promo tour, we are more than happy to add additional tour stops at an additional $1.50/stop.

 Book Promo Tour—

  • A book promo tour is essentially the same as a blog tour with the exception of not seeking reviews for the particular tour. Should you choose a promo tour versus a blog tour, subtract $5.00 from the above price packages.

 Book Trailer Tour—

  • 1 day—as many blogs as available—$ 30.00 
  • If we need to create the book trailer, please add an additional $20.00 to the package price. Author will need to provide all pictures and information for the trailer.
  • If we have to compose a media kit, please add an additional $15.00 to the tour package price.



  • Book Cover
  • Tour Banner (One can be provided for an additional $10.00)
  • Blurb
  • Buy links
  • Excerpt
  • Book Trailer (if one is available)
  • Author bio
  • Author photo (if provided)


  • Optional giveaway via Rafflecopter form can be offered to increase traffic to author and blogger sites. This will be available to each blog on the tour or each host can work out a different giveaway if agreed upon.
  • We generally leave Rafflecopters up for a week beyond last scheduled tour date for those at the end of the Tour.Twitter and Facebook post.Buy Links and Author Contact links.Simple tour button with the book cover photo will be provided. More elaborate banner will be responsibility of the author or we can provide one for an additional $10.00.Ala Carte Promotions will do a blog tour for most genres, if your genre is not listed, please contact us, we may still consider:
  • Contemporary (on occasion)
  • Dark Erotica / Erotica and sub-genres
  • Fantasy (Urban, Dark and Epic)
  • Dystopian
  • Historical Romance/Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance/Supernatural
  • Science Fiction
  • Steampunk
  • New / Young-Adult (not children’s books)


Guest Post Only Tour- This is a great way for people to know more about you and your book! It will include a guest post by you.

Excerpt Only Tour- This includes an excerpt of your book at each stop.

Feature Only Tour- Each stop will include basic information about your book

Author Interview Only Tour-Each stop will include an interview with you

Giveaway Only Tour-Each stop will have a giveaway of whatever you would like!

1-Day Mini-Promo Blitz— $30.00

  • 7 Stops in a Single Day
  • Book Synopsis, Cover, Links to buy
  • Promo Banner and/or Book Trailer

1-Day Mega-Promo Blitz—$60.00

  • 11 Stops in a Single Day
  • Book Synopsis, Cover, Links to buy
  • Promo Banner and/or Book Trailer

1-Day Extravaganza-Promo Blitz—$75.00

  • 15+ Stops in a Single Day
  • Book Synopsis, Cover, Links to buy
  • Promo Banner and/or Book Trailer

Looking for something a little different than what we have offered above? Contact us, so we can create anything your heart desires!

Authors please note that you are responsible for getting information such as interview answers, book information, guest post’s, etc to us in a timely manner for each date of the tour since we will be responsible for getting your info to/from the bloggers.

**We are not responsible for errors on the document you submitted. So please make sure that anything you provide us has been edited or proofread.

Giveaways and promotional items will be provided by the author. We will post the Rafflecopter, draw the winners and provide the information to the author, who is then responsible for sending winners their items.  Unless otherwise agreed to ahead of time and Ala Carte Promotions are in receipt of items prior to end of blog tour.

Reviews: All Blog Tour Hosts agree upon sign up that any media, e-Books, etc. that they receive from Ala Carte Promotions or the author for review, will not be in any way copied, distributed, or sold. We are against all forms of piracy or plagiarism.

Please note—

  • Requesting a tour package with a review from Ala Carte Promotions or their affiliates does not guarantee you a good review.
  • All opinions in reviews are expressly those of the book reviewer in question and are in no way that of Ala Carte Promotions, affiliates or its creators.

Book Service/Blog Tour/Promo Request

• We provide Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Character Interviews, Giveaways, Guest Post, Author Spotlights, Feature Series, or Featured Book Spotlights, Excerpts, Blurb Blitz’s, Cover Reveals and a variety of other packages we will even customize one for you.

• If you send your book for a review, you are agreeing and acknowledging that you have read and accept all terms.

• In accordance with FTC guidelines, as required, if we receive a free copy of a book for review, we will state that a free copy was provided by the author/provider and that our opinions are given 100% free of charge.  In no way does receipt of a free copy for a review sway our opinions.

Information Needed Prior to Scheduling Tour

(We do not share this information except what is needed within the promotion package without permission from the author)

• Your Name
• Your Email
• Author’s Name
• Cover
• Book Title
• Publisher
• Date Published
• Series (If Applicable)
• Book Genre
• Website
• Synopsis
• Format’s  Available
• Number of Pages
• Tour Package/s
• Date for Tour/s

What else are you interested in? 

One, multiple or all! Create the package that best suits your needs!

Book Review
Author Interview
Character Interview
Guest Post
Author Spotlight
Cover Reveal
Blurb Blitz
Features Series
Featured Book Spotlight
Schedule Blog Tour
Advertise on Blog
Book Playlist
Book Trailer

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